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Direct Support Organizations (DSOs) at UF process invoices in myUFL by using vouchers from the Accounts Payable module. There are several different kinds of vouchers. Create an encumbered voucher to process invoices for a purchase made with purchase orders, or create an unencumbered voucher for pre-approved purchases made with no purchase orders. When sharing the cost of a purchase, as of July 1, 2010, use a journal entry. Please see the Journal Entry toolkit for instructions. Template vouchers save time and steps in processing many invoices to the same supplier. At UF, process only one invoice per voucher.

Effective March 1, 2014:  Employees in UFLOR use the myUF Payment Solutions system for reviewing and approving invoices for payment.  The following toolkit materials are intended for DSOs only.

You may notice the navigation in myUFL is different than what is shown in these training resources.  Rest assured, these changes are primarily look and feel differences. All policies and procedures discussed in these materials are accurate and up to date. Training materials will be updated to reflect the new look and menu of myUFL.


To register for online courses in myTraining, navigate to From the myTraining Dashboard, you can search for courses using the Activity Search field in the upper left hand corner. Just type the course name, course ID or a keyword and then click Search.

After you’ve registered for training, your current enrollments display in the Training list found on the Dashboard page. To begin an online course, click the green Start button.

You can also access myTraining from myUFL using the following navigation:
Main Menu > My Self Service > Training and Development > myTraining

Both courses below are required to obtain the role, UF_AP_VOUCHER_PROCESSOR:

To register for classroom or online courses, click here, log in and click Request Training Enrollment. Search by Course Name or Course Number and select a session that fits your schedule.

  • To learn more about paying your suppliers, attend PST971: Paying Vendors

In this hands-on session, learn how to process a voucher, gain voucher approval, obtain payment, sign up for exceptions notifications, and identify budget errors. You will also learn how to complete an Encumbered Voucher, Unencumbered Voucher (Payment Authorization). Effective March 1, 2014, this course is for DSOs only.

  • To learn about creating journal entries, attend PST956: Journal Entry in myUFL

In this session participants will learn the manual journal entry process within myUFL, including when a manual journal entry is required, types of manual journal entries, the key steps for entering and editing journal entries, common errors, and how to search or correct posted journals. See the Journal Entry toolkit for more information.

Security Roles

Lists and descriptions of all UF security roles may be found on the Identity & Access Management website.

  • To create a voucher, obtain the role UF_AP_VOUCHER_Processor.
  • To view voucher search screens, obtain the role UF_FI_UNIVERSAL_INQUIRY.Note: For more information, visit Finance and Accounting > Directives and Procedures > Disbursements > Submission of Supporting Documentation
  • To enter an online journal, obtain the role of UF_GL_END_USER (PST956 required).

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