Financial Obligations and Waiver Process

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  1. Be sure to pay your portion of the fees by the fee deadline. To view your tuition and fee due date, go to ONE.UF, and go to the Campus Finances Card > View Account Summary Charges Due
  2. To see what fees you are responsible for after you have registered, go to ONE.UF, and go to the Campus Finances Card > View Account Summary Charges Due or Tuition Statement
  3. The University Bursar will waive up to 6 credit hours of tuition and fees covered by the Employee Education Program

For students attending all institutions, the University of Florida will be responsible for payment of matriculation fees, building fees, capital improvement fees, and student financial aid fees (in-state portion only). For students attending the University of Florida, the university will waive the above fees including the following local fees: technology fees, activity and service fees, athletic fees, student health fees, and transportation fees. Please note that employees will not be eligible for services provided by these local fees and may not choose to pay them separately. The employee is responsible for any additional fees not named above including:

  • Applications fees, online education fees, out-of-state tuition and fees, photo I.D. fees, late registration fees, late payment fees, material and supply fees, repeat course surcharge fee, and any other fees not covered by this program as listed in the above paragraph.
  • The costs associated with non-credit courses and program offerings otherwise required as an extension of regular employee training are not covered under this program.
  • The university’s fee petition and fee refund policies and procedures are not applicable to courses taken through this program. Therefore, there is no petition process for a refund of any fees paid.

Please Note: Courses may be subject to taxes as defined by the Internal Revenue Service. Click here for information. The portion of employer-provided tuition assistance that is in excess of $5,250 per year will be taxed as part of an employee’s personal income. This tax assessment is usually entered during the fall, after October and split over two pay periods. Applicable taxes (e.g. Social Security, Medicare, Federal Withholding Tax) are calculated and deducted for the tuition in excess of $5,250 and reduce the employee’s net paycheck for that pay period. Employees are responsible for any individual tax liability that may result from participation in this tuition program and should refer any tax questions to their personal tax advisor.