Hiring at UF Toolkit

As we continue to elevate our competitive advantage and drive innovation, we strive to maintain our ability to engage and attract top talent locally and globally. At every stage of the hiring cycle, we can positively impact the hiring process by using best practices in recruiting, selection and hiring,  maximizing technology, and by positively impacting the candidate experience.

This toolkit provides all those involved in hiring with access to resources designed to position you for success in a challenging job market.

Strategic Tools for Attracting and Engaging Top Talent

Hiring at UF Online Course

There is an Hiring at UF online course that outlines the hiring process and reviews  behaviors, attitudes and stereotypes that can impact decisions at each stage.

The course covers how to:

  • implement best practices and hiring strategies that help mitigate behaviors that negatively impact the hiring process    prepare a job description or position profile that’s free of potential barriers to opportunity
  • advertise the position to attract a  pool of competitive applicants
  • establish behavioral based interview questions and anchor answers that support best practices

It also provides an overview of tools such as hiring rubrics and the ideal candidate profile.

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Talent Acquisition Advisor Badge

Faculty and staff may also pursue credentialing that offers a baseline level of competency in support of best practices and enhancing the integrity and effectiveness of search and selection processes for the University.

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