Leaving UF

Resignation Process

If you decide to resign from your position at the University of Florida, please follow these guidelines:

Notice Period

University regulations specify the notice period based on your employee classification:

  • Exempt employees: One month’s notice
  • Non-exempt employees: At least two weeks’ notice

Employees resigning in good standing can reapply for University of Florida employment without any waiting period.

Exit Procedures

Departments are required to conduct exit procedures when employees leave the University. These procedures serve several essential purposes:

  • Recovery of Resources: To prevent waste and save the state money, departments must complete an exit interview checklist (form AA-700-98) with each departing employee. This checklist helps in retrieving items like keys, employment-related equipment, ID cards, and uniforms.
  • Department Improvement: Exit interviews offer a chance for the department to gain insights from departing employees. Feedback may help identify areas that need improvement, contributing to a better work environment. You can obtain guidance on appropriate questions and termination procedures from your human resources satellite office or Employee Relations.
  • Benefits and W-2 Form: Departing employees can learn about their options for continuing or stopping state benefits, cashing out annual and sick leave balances, and ensuring they receive their W-2 form.

USPS and TEAMS employees may also opt for an exit conference, which can be held at their human resources satellite office or through Recruitment and Staffing.

Faculty Members

Faculty members who are leaving should leave an updated curriculum vitae with their department.