EEP Registration and Fee Liability

UF EEP participation is based on space available and occurs during drop/add. Students must observe and comply with the established EEP registration period. Students may not register early and drop/re-add during the approved registration period to comply with this policy. Early registration will result in funding denial.

Does your department/program register your courses? If you are participating in coursework or programs that require the department/program to register on your behalf, you must:

  1. Alert your department/program you are requesting EEP funding for those courses
  2. Notify the person registering on your behalf they must comply with the EEP registration periodNote: If early registration has occurred, your EEP classes must be dropped by the department and re-added during the required EEP registration period.
  3. During the EEP registration period, verify the registered courses are EEP eligible and each course number and prefix (e.g., ENC1101) is listed on your approved EEP application.

Registering yourself? You must verify your courses are:

  1. EEP eligible (see schedule of courses and Course Selection for instructions)
  2. Listed on your EEP application (see registration tips below)
  3. Not registered before the EEP registration period

Registration tips

The approved alpha-numeric course prefix and number (e.g., ENC1101) listed on your application must match your registration.

You may register for any EEP eligible section (or 5-digit class number) of the alpha-numeric course prefix and number (e.g., ENC1101) listed on your approved application.

Registering for course prefix and numbers (e.g., ENC1101) that are not listed on your EEP application, will result in funding denial.

We can help during the EEP registration period! 

If you have questions, problems or need assistance with your application or registered courses, you must notify the EEP Coordinator at: during the EEP registration period and before 5PM of the UF drop/add fee liable deadline.