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Communications and Worklife

UFHR’s Office of Communications and Worklife aims to inform the campus community about current issues pertaining to employees’ worklife at the University of Florida. In addition, the office provides support to campus units in need of strategic communication and change management guidance related to employee and organizational development. It also develops wellness and worklife programming, outreach and communications for faculty and staff. For more information, please email hrcommunications@hr.ufl.edu or hrs-wellness@ufl.edu, or call (352) 392-4626.

UF at Work

This biweekly e-newsletter, which can be found at news.hr.ufl.edu, features news and information designed to support UF faculty and staff in their work and life as well as to reflect faculty and staff efforts to fulfill the vision of preeminence through people.


In partnership with areas throughout campus, UF Human Resources develops and delivers wellness and worklife programming, outreach, and communications for faculty and staff.

HR Forum

Held once a month for UFHR representatives throughout campus

About Us

Meet the UF Communication Services and WorkLife team.