Financial Competencies

Our vision at UF is to develop an ever-expanding community that supports excellence in the sponsored programs that enhance the sciences, arts, outreach, and scholarship. We strive toward our vision by intentionally reducing administrative burden on faculty and by reducing risk to UF through supporting sponsored programs administration networking, education, and development of knowledge and skills.

In support of these stated goals, we have developed a competency model that will allow us to strategically target and measure the effectiveness of initiatives designed to obtain our vision. In addition to the competencies documented in the PRO3 model Fiscal Management Certification, including all associated elective groupings, a person considered exceptional in sponsored program administration will be competent in the following financial topics and display the associated behaviors. Additionally, links may be provided to support development of associated behaviors.

Cost Principles

F&A Rate

Budget Projections


  • Locate and run existing reports and queries in UF platforms
  • Build custom queries and reports in UF platforms
  • Interpret the information in the reports and queries

Cost Accounting Standards (CAS) Exemptions


Human Subjects Payments (HSP)

Internal Service Providers

  • Define recharge center, specialized service facility, educational business activity and auxiliary
  • Confirm that only documented and approved rates are charged to internal service providers

External Collaborators and Service Providers


  • Ensure the business purpose provides benefit to the project
  • Ensure and document traveler is associated with the project
  • Ensure federal and sponsor regulations are followed

Special Cost Categories

(equipment, participant support, patient care costs, and meetings/conferences)

Award Fiscal Management

  • Interpret award documents to identify rules to manage special cost categories
  • Use funds appropriately to support special cost categories

Program Income

  • Define program income
  • Identify program income funds
  • Manage the revenue according to sponsor terms & conditions

Sponsor Financial Reporting & Invoicing

  • Identify the core office responsible for sponsor financial reporting & invoicing
  • Interpret and follow documentation standards
  • Identify and interpret payment terms

Monitoring Awards

  • Continually review award activities and purchases as they relate to each project’s scope of work
  • Meet regularly with Primary Investigator (PI) to discuss status of projects
  • Identify abnormal spending patterns and timing of expenses in relation to the period of performance