Human Resources Competencies

Our vision at UF is to develop an ever-expanding community that supports excellence in the sponsored programs that enhance the sciences, arts, outreach, and scholarship. We strive toward our vision by intentionally reducing administrative burden on faculty and by reducing risk to UF through supporting sponsored programs administration networking, education, and development of knowledge and skills.

In support of these stated goals, we have developed a competency model that will allow us to strategically target and measure the effectiveness of initiatives designed to obtain our vision. In addition to the competencies documented in the PRO3 model HR/Payroll Management Competencies, a person considered exceptional in sponsored program administration will be competent in the following human resource topics and display the associated behaviors. Additionally, links may be provided to support development of associated behaviors.

Personnel Categories

Salary Cap and Limits

Effort Fundamentals


Effort Reporting Directives

Graduate Student Compensation

UF HR – Requirements for an Appointment

Budgeting Graduate Student Salary and Tuition Costs

UF Principles for the Employment of Graduate Students

Graduate Assistants United Contract FAQs

  • Explain the hourly restrictions on work assignments and how that translates to appointments across the university
  • Identify the appropriate appointment type (i.e., GA, TA, Fellowship)
  • Describe how appointment type affects Human Resource (HR) status and total compensation package including tuition

Onboarding/Departure Process

Personnel Related Expenses