Name & Gender Changes

The UF Directory is the official source of contact information for students, faculty, staff, and affiliates. Personal information, including your home and mail address, date of birth, and gender, can be updated using the procedures listed below. Certain changes may require additional documentation.

Both Former and Current Employee

If you need to make a change to your UF Legal name and/or gender, please submit the Name and/or Gender Change Request Form.

Note: If you are seeking an update to your UF Legal name, you must attach an updated copy of your social security card to the form.

Employment Operations & Records will ensure the data is accurate in the myUFL system, and your UF Legal name reflects the name listed on your new social security card. Please contact Employment Operations & Records if you have any questions.

Current Employee Change in Directory Name

Display/Directory Name is what appears in some UF campus contact information. You can select how and what would be your display name by logging in to MyUFL and following the navigation below:

Main Menu > My Account > Update My Directory Profile.

Note: This does not affect your UF Legal name.