The University of Florida addresses workforce attitudes through in-service training and efforts are made at all levels of administration to encourage and emphasize a fair and equitable workplace for all. Additionally, the university strives to create and maintain an environment that is free of harassment and/or discrimination of any kind.
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Procedure for handling harassment complaints

Guidelines for the Prevention of Sex Discrimination, Sexual Harassment, and Harassment brochure (PDF)
If you’d like a hard copy, please contact our office.

Writing a Letter to the Harasser example
People often feel powerless when experiencing harassment and are reluctant to confront the harasser personally. An excellent alternative is writing a letter directly to the harasser.

Mail a copy of the letter to the harasser using registered or certified mail. Keep a copy of the letter for yourself.
The letter should consist of three parts:

  1. A factual account of what happened – including details of dates and a description of offending behaviors
  2. A description of how you feel about what occurred – including specific feelings and personal thoughts and opinions
  3. A statement if what you want to happen next, Most writers want the behavior to stop, but if a remedy is necessary, it should be included here

All Harassment complaints are investigated by the Office of Human Resource Services. Download a complaint form. All incidents should be reported as soon as possible to:

Brook Mercier
Director of Employee Relations
Human Resource Services
903 W. University Avenue
PO Box 115000
Gainesville, FL 32611-5000

Questions Or Comments? hrseeo@admin.ufl.edu