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Notice of Voluntary Resignation

While we hope your employment with the University of Florida is positive and lasting, should you plan to voluntarily resign from your position, university regulation requires exempt employees to provide their departments with one month’s notice. Non-exempt employees must provide at least two weeks’ notice. Employees who resign in good standing do not have a waiting period before reapplying for University of Florida employment.

Departments should conduct exit interviews with all departing employees. These interviews serve three purposes:

  1. Public resources, such as keys, access to employment-related equipment, ID cards, and uniforms are recovered, thereby preventing waste and saving the state money. Departments should complete an exit interview checklist (form AA-700-98) with each departing employee.
  2. Exit interviews also are an opportunity for a department to get a look at itself through the eyes of its employees. Areas that need improvement may be identified and modified to help create a better work environment. Guidelines of appropriate questions to ask or termination procedures to follow may be obtained from your human resources satellite office or Employee Relations.
  3. Employees have the opportunity to learn about their options for continuing or stopping state benefits, whether their annual and/or sick leave balances will be cashed out, and how to ensure they receive their W-2 form.

In addition to exit interviews, USPS and TEAMS employees may choose to receive an exit conference in their human resources satellite office or through Recruitment and Staffing.

Departing faculty members are asked to leave an updated curriculum vitae with their department.