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Disciplinary Processes

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  • We hope that every employee successfully maintains the standards for performance and conduct while employed at the University of Florida. Although a majority of employees never require discipline, some exceptions can occur. The following is a description of the progressive disciplinary processes for TEAMS and USPS employees
    at the University of Florida.

    The University’s standards for performance and conduct shall govern the manner and extent to which disciplinary action is taken. However, depending on the seriousness of the offense, or other mitigating circumstances, greater or lesser penalties may be imposed.

    Questions relating to the disciplinary process should be directed to the appropriate Human Resource Services Satellite Office.

    USPS Employees (Regulation 6C1-3.047, FAC)

    Although not required, supervisors have the option of informally or formally counseling their employees prior to issuing disciplinary action, depending on the offense.. Disciplinary action includes:

    • Oral reprimand
    • Written reprimand
    • Suspension
    • Dismissal

    The following categories serve as guidelines for management when addressing disciplinary issues:

    • Misconduct, whether on or off the job
    • Negligence
    • Unsatisfactory attendance
    • Violation of provision of law, university regulation, or departmental policy, procedure, or practice that is either verbal or written, or understood.

    Please note that unsatisfactory work performance for USPS employees should be addressed via the performance appraisal process.

    TEAMS (Regulation 6C1-3.046, FAC)

    The appointment of a TEAMS employee may be terminated or suspended with or without pay for just cause. Under FAC 6C1-3.046, disciplinary action issued to employees of the University of Florida must be taken with just cause. This shall be defined as:

    • Incompetence
    • Misconduct, whether on or off the job;
    • Unsatisfactory attendance

    Depending on the offense, TEAMS disciplinary actions may include:

    • Oral reprimand
    • Written reprimand
    • Suspension
    • Dismissal

    Please note that the non-renewal process was not designed to be utilized in lieu of the progressive disciplinary process to address issues of “just cause.”

    Right of Appeal

    The university seeks to ensure each disciplinary action is taken with just cause. A TEAMS employee who has successfully completed his or her probationary period, or a USPS employee who is not currently in a probationary status, may be eligible to appeal the action to an independent arbitrator. Appealable action may include:

    • Suspension
    • Dismissal
    • Layoff
    • Demotion with reduction in pay
    • Job abandonment
    • Reduction in pay

    Employees will be provided with notice of appeal rights, as well as any appeal forms which should be completed, should an appealable action affect them.