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    Here are some questions we’ve received since announcing volunteer tracking and the Volunteer Policy. If you have additional questions contact volunteer@hr.ufl.edu.

    General System Policy Background Screening


    Why is the University of Florida moving to a model of tracking volunteers?
    The University of Florida has required the tracking of volunteers via paper form housed within departments as per requirements in the Volunteer Regulation. The move to a university-wide, digital tracking system is more sustainable, minimizes risk and provides protection for the interest of volunteers, the University, and the community. This also allows the university to better welcome volunteers to the university community and will facilitate connections between volunteers. By tracking volunteers, UF continues to invest in the community and fulfill its land grant mission.
    Can a volunteer provide volunteer services for multiple programs?
    Yes. There is no limit to the number of programs a volunteer may work with.
    Do I have to evaluate the performance of each volunteer?
    Evaluation of volunteer service is determined by the individual department or program.
    Do volunteers have the same requirements for online training as UF Employees?
    Training for volunteers is largely determined by the volunteer program, the nature of the volunteer service provided, and the environment in which the volunteer service is performed. For example, any volunteer directly in contact with minors under the age of 18 must successfully complete an annual Youth Protection Training (course number YCS800) offered by the University of Florida.
    Is there a minimum requirement of hours to remain active?
    The University of Florida does not require a minimum number of volunteer hours to remain an active volunteer. However, individual volunteer programs may have service hour requirements.


    Do I need a security role to enter volunteers into the tracking system and view their person data?
    Yes. To view PersonHub you must contact your DSA to request the UF_PA_IDM_ID_VIEWER security role. PersonHub may be accessed via the following navigation in myUFL: Main Menu > Identity Access Management > Identity Management > Manage Identity Information

    To enter volunteers into the tracking system, you must contact your DSA to request the UF_EPAF_POI_Coordinator security role. Alternately, if you currently have one of the following ePAF roles, you may access the volunteer tracking system:

    • UF_EPAF_Department Admin
    • UF_EPAF_DOCE Approver
    • UF_EPAF_Level 1 Approver
    How do I enter volunteers into the tracking system?
    Instruction guides outlining each step for tracking volunteers are available here.
    How do I view a volunteer in the system?
    You may look up a volunteer via PersonHub. Access to view PersonHub is granted with the UF_PA_IDM_ID_VIEWER security role. Request access via your DSA.
    How do I see all volunteers in my program?
    You may see a list of all volunteers in your program by accessing the Volunteer report in Enterprise Reporting.


    Are student interns considered volunteers?
    University of Florida students completing an internship for academic credit or monetary compensation are not considered volunteers. If a student is not receiving academic credit from the University of Florida or monetary compensation, they should be tracked as a volunteer in the tracking system.
    Are there additional requirements for volunteers who are minors?
    Yes. If a unit engages volunteers under the age of 18, it must collect a Parental Consent and Authorization to Treat Minors form. This form must be uploaded into the volunteer tracking system.
    Are volunteers covered by Worker’s Compensation?
    Yes. Volunteers are entitled to worker’s compensation benefits. It is imperative that the volunteer service is documented in order for the volunteer to be covered by worker’s compensation.
    Are volunteers subject to the University of Florida’s regulation on nepotism?
    Yes. The UF Regulation 1.009, Employment of Relatives, specifically prohibits the appointment of relatives or persons living in the same household to any position where a direct or indirect supervisory relationship would exist between relatives or would create a perceived or actual conflict of interest. This extends to the approval of volunteer service.
    Can a volunteer do similar work to a paid employee?
    No. As stated in the University of Florida Volunteer Policy, volunteers may not be used as a replacement for a paid position. Additionally, a current or former University of Florida employee may not volunteer to perform services for the university that are identical or similar to her or his duties as an employee.
    How do I release a volunteer from service?
    Annual approval of volunteer service is required for each volunteer regardless of history or years of service. The department or academic unit may release a volunteer at any time, for any reason and without prior notice. A Letter of Release template is provided on the UF Volunteer Toolkit. Contact UFHR with additional questions and guidance on releasing volunteers.
    Is there a minimum age to volunteer at the University of Florida?
    The minimum age to volunteer at the University of Florida is 14 years old.
    What if I have a volunteer who only provides service one day a year?
    If you have volunteers that only volunteer for a single event once a year, you may choose to either enter them into the volunteer tracking system or fill out the Single-Day-Event-Volunteer form.
    When does volunteer service expire?
    Volunteer service expires annually, 365 days from the volunteer’s service begin date.
    Who can volunteer at the University of Florida?
    Anyone can apply to volunteer. Applying for a volunteer opportunity does not guarantee acceptance for the opportunity. For individuals not considered volunteers see the Volunteer Policy.

    Background Screening

    Are volunteers required to undergo a background screening?
    Background checks are required for all volunteers working in UF-affiliated youth activities. The appropriate level of background checks must be completed prior to beginning to work with minors. Verification of Background Checks shall be kept on file for a minimum of five years.
    See Florida Statute 409.175 for additional information.
    Who is financially responsible for the background screening of a volunteer?
    The department in which the volunteer is performing a service is responsible for costs associated with the background screening.